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BRFGA By-laws

  BRFGA - Boothbay Region Fish and Game Association - By Laws









     Any person eligible to obtain a hunting or fishing license in the State of Maine may become a member of this Association by having their application presented to, and accepted by, a majority of members present at regular meetings of the Association.



     All persons elected to membership, except for the classification of Honorary Member, shall present to the Treasurer, at the time of being elected, the proper dues applying to such membership classification.



     1.  REGULAR MEMBER:  A regular member shall be a person 18 years of age or older.

     2.  JUNIOR MEMBER:  A junior member shall be a person who has not attained their 

          18th birthday.

     3.  FAMILY MEMBER:  A family member shall include the adult heads of household 

          and children thereof under 18 years of age.


 4.  LIFE MEMBER:  A life member will be any person eligible for regular membership 

          and is a minimum 70 years of age, been a continuous member for 5 consecutive 

          years before reaching their 70th birthday or a person who has reached their 70th

          birthday and has paid the current dues equal to 5 years of regular membership.

     5.  HONORARY MEMBER:  An honorary member shall be a person elected by the 

          regular membership for the term so voted.                                                                                                         



     1.  All members shall have all privileges of the club and grounds of the Association.

     2.  The privilege of voting and of holding office shall be restricted to:

          a.  Regular members

          b.  Family members 16 years of age and older

          c.  Life members


     The Board of Directors (BOD) has authority over membership disciplinary matters where a member's behavior, conduct or actions endangers others while at the club, exhibit a disregard for club rules or contradicts the basic safety and lawful principles promoted by the BRF&GA.  If the BOD decides that such conduct warrants discipline, it shall decide the appropriate sanction.  Sanctions may include reprimand, suspension of membership or revocation of membership.

1.  Reprimand:  A reprimand shall be delivered to the member by the President and be in writing or oral.  The matter is concluded upon delivery and the member's enjoyment of all Association privileges and benefits shall be unaffected.

2.  Suspension:  If a member is suspended per decision of the BOD, that individual must turn in their key and will not be permitted to engage in any club activities, public or private or use any club facilities for the period of one year from the suspension date.  The date of suspension shall begin at the date of written notice of suspension by the BOD.  

Once a suspended member has served the one year term of suspension, they may reapply for membership and must receive a vote of acceptance by 80% of attending members of the monthly meeting of membership request.  If the member fails to gain the 80% favorable vote, they may reapply for membership on an annual basis starting one year from the date of their previous application and membership vote.

3.  Revovation:  If membership is revoked, the member shall be subject to the same disabilities as suspension except that they shall be permanent.  An individual whose membership has been revoked is permanently prohibited from engaging in any BRF&GA activities, public or private, and the use of any club facilities.






     1.  ESTABLISHMENT OF DUES:  The establishing of annual dues for each class of 

          membership shall be set by vote of the members for the following year at the 

          annual regular January meeting.

     2.  DUE DATE FOR PAYMENT OF DUES:  Annual dues, having been previously     set, 

          shall become due and payable at the January meeting.

     3.  REINSTATEMENT OF MEMBERSHIP:  Any membership, so dropped by reason of

          non-payment of dues, may automatically be reinstated at any period during the 

          year, for the year in question only, upon payment of the unpaid dues.






SECTION (A):       

     At the regular January meeting of each year, the following shall be elected:

     1.  President

     2.  Vice President

     3.  Treasurer

     4.  Secretary

     5.  Directors-at-large (4), otherwise known as Board Members

     6.  Any other Officer or Directorship that may have been filled on an emergency

          basis during the year.

     7.  Registered Agent



     In the event that any office shall become vacant during the year, the Board of 

       Directors shall appoint a member to fill such vacancy until the next annual election.




SECTION (A):  The PRESIDENT shall serve in the office for one year unless re-elected by the members present

SECTION (B):  The VICE PRESIDENT shall serve in the office for one year unless re-elected by the members present

SECTION (C):  The SECRETARY shall serve in the office for one year unless re-elected by the members present

SECTION (D):  The TREASURER  shall serve in the office for one year unless re-elected by the members present

SECTION (E):  The REGISTERED AGENT shall serve an indeterminate term of office and until a successor has been appointed by the Board of Directors.  This position is the point of contact between the State of Maine and the BRF&GA.  Agent will keep the Secretary informed of any contact in regards to bringing it before the membership.

SECTION (F):  Each Director (board member)  elected from the membership at large shall serve a 2 year term

SECTION (G):  REMOVAL FROM OFFICE:  Any officer, Director or Registered Agent may be removed from office only by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.




SECTION (A):  The Directors of the Association shall be an eight (8) member board consisting of:

     1.  The President

     2.  The Vice President

     3.  The Secretary

     4.  The Treasurer

     5.  The 4 Directors at large ( or board members)


     1.  The CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS shall be the President of the Association

     2.  The VICE CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS shall be the Vice President of the Association

     3.  It shall be the duty of the Chairman to preside at all board meetings

     4.  It shall be the duty of the Vice Chairman to attend all board meetings to acquaint themselves with all aspects of the Chairmanship and to preside in the absence of the Chairman                                                              


5.  The Chairman or other presiding officer at meetings of the Board of Directors, shall cast a vote ONLY in the event that it becomes necessary to break a tie




     1.  REGULAR:  The Association shall have a regular meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of each month

     2.  ANNUAL:   The regular meeting in the month of January shall also be the official annual meeting

     3.  SPECIAL:  A special meeting may be called at any time by the Board of Directors providing that a notice thereof shall be published in the local media, by an email blast and on-line at least seven (7) days prior to such meeting






     1.   The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer

     2.  Shall preside at all regular and special meetings of the BRF&GA

     3.  It shall be their duty to see that all meetings of the BRF&GA shall be conducted in    full accordance with the Constitution & by-laws

     4.  It shall be their duty to maintain order at all BRF&GA meetings

     5.  The President shall not cast a vote unless to break a tie


     1.  The Vice President shall aid and abet the President as the President requests

     2.  They shall keep themselves abreast of all matters pertaining to the BRF&GA

     3.  They shall have authority to act as President in the event of the latters absence and shall be governed by the same rules of conduct


     1.  The Secretary is responsible for the keeping of the minutes of every meeting, regular or special, of the Association and Board of Directors.  Presiding officer may choose a stand-in in the event of the Secretary's absence

     2.  The Secretary shall conduct all Association correspondence including email blasts except for the Registered Agent duties                                                                    

     3.  The Secretary shall orderly file correspondence and minutes in the clubhouse file cabinet


     1.  The Treasurer shall receive all Association funds, giving appropriate receipt thereof

     2.  The Treasurer shall pay all indebtedness of the BRF&GA upon receipt of invoice

     3.  All accounting of the finance of the BRF&GA shall be kept by the Treasurer in records appropriate for the purpose

     4.  At each regular meeting of the Association, a financial report shall be made by the Treasurer

     5.  Copies of all financial records shall be kept in the clubhouse file cabinet





1.  It shall be the duty of the Board of Directors to conduct the business of the BRF&GA and to serve as supervisors and recommenders in matters not otherwise covered by these by-laws

2.  The Board may create or appoint ad hawk committees to assist in carrying out the objectives of the BRF&GA

3.  It shall be the duty of the Board to audit the accounts of the Treasurer.  The Treasurer will provide the accounting information to the Board at the regular October monthly meeting to facilitate ample time for the audit and to have ready the reporting at the years end meeting in December.

4.  The Secretary shall hold similar position for the Board of Directors

5.  The Oversee the Clayton Dodge Scholarship Fund and its disbursements

6.  Lifetime Memberships not meeting the criteria as previously set forth should be voted on by the membership after the Board brings it to their attention







1.  The President shall be responsible for the appointment of the following standing committees:

   a.  Range

   b.  Facilities Maintenance

   c.  Fishing

   d.  Refreshment

   e.  Membership

   f.  Hunter Safety


2.  Additional or other special committees may be appointed as may be required or appropriate.  The President will name the Chairman of each committee.





     Roberts Rules of Order, Revised, shall control the conduct of all meetings of the BRF&GA or Board of Directors



     Six (6) members of the Association, including either the President or Vice President to preside, shall constitute a quorum at any regular or special meeting of the Association



     Five (5)  members, including the Chair or Vice Chair to preside, shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the Board of Directors



     A majority shall consist of fifty (50) percent of the membership present plus one (1)





     The following section/subsection of this article shall be known as the "Supplemental Club Laws".  The control, amendments, deletions or changes of such sections or subsections may be by vote of the regular membership at a regular monthly stated meeting, without the full process or notification required in Article (XII) of these By-Laws.

     1.  The gate is to be locked at all times except during Club functions

     2.  New keys/gate codes will be issued each January upon payment of dues

     3.  The Club badge is to be worn by club members when on Club property.  If badge is not worn you will pay a fine of one dollar ($1.00)

     4.  The regular monthly meetings shall be called to order at 7:30 pm on the thrid Wednesday of each month

     5.  The key for the clubhouse will be issued to all officers and various committees.   Upon retiring from the position, the key will be turned over to the new officer.

     6.  No camping on Club property except for scheduled scouting activities

     7.  The use of any intoxicating substance is prohibited on Club property

     8.  One dollar ($1.00) of each annual membership dues paid to the Club will be allocated to the Clayton Dodge Scholarship Fund each year as principal funds

     9.  Other than the general membership, a gate key/code will be issued to a responsible person of the following:

             Central Maine Power (CMP)

             The Boothbay Fire Department

             A member of the Chick Andersen family or future owners of said property

   10.  Membership fees:  Our membership fees & application fee are as voted on and accepted at our annual meeting in January

    11.  No Club member shall loan their key/code to anyone not a member of the Club





     These by-laws may be amended at any Association meeting provided that such proposed amendment shall first be approved by the Board of Directors, an exact copy thereof shall have been posted on the bulletin board at the Clubhouse, published in local media & online at least seven (7) days prior to the date for voting on the proposed amendment.


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