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Boothbay Harbor Fish and Game Association


 APRIL 3, 1913

 The first meeting for the purpose of organizing the Boothbay Harbor Fish and Game Association was held in the office of Dr. E Arthur Sprague on Tuesday evening. The question of the stocking and protecting the fish in our ponds and the protection of our song and insect-eating birds was discussed in all its details. The stocking and protection of our ponds will mean as fine fishing as anywhere in the State within a few years. The ponds are land locked and protected by nature by the hills and forest growths. The song birds have been slaughtered to a great extent in the past; the robins have been killed almost unmercifully. This alone would arouse native enthusiasm for their protection. The partridge have been trapped during the fall and winter which is unlawful. Boys set the traps and do not go to them for a week at a time, by then the bird is dead or nearly so from starvation. It is not uncommon to find a trap with just a lot of bones in it showing the remains of the unfortunate bird. This association is for the enforcement of the laws governing the fish and game and promote in general the natural advantage of our woods and ponds. All persons interested in nature will at once see the benefit that this organization can do and are all asked to help. Any information will be gladly given by any of the officers on committee. The next meeting at Dr. Sprague’s office, Monday April 14, at 7:30 P.M. We hope it will be largely attended. Every citizen is requested to requested to render such assistance as he can for the preservation of Boothbay Harbor’s natural beauty. You are especially invited to attend this next meeting. The officers of the Boothbay Harbor Fish and Game Association are as follows:- Dr. E. Arthur Sprague, President; Capt John W. Lunt, Vice President; H. Chandler Reed, Secretary and Treasurer. The Executive Committee the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are John Dearborn, Frederick Dodge, James B. Rogers and Robert Boyd. H. Chandler Reed, John Dearborn and Frederick Dodge were selected to make a set of By-Laws to present at the next meeting.

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